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All of our sausages are fully cooked and contain no MSG

Alligator & Pork

No carbs, low in fat, high in protein

Crawfish or Shrimp & Pork

No carbs, low in fat, high in protein

Creole Chicken

No carbs, low in fat, high in protein
How Cajun can it get? Our Alligator sausage is made from lean tail meat, mixed with pork and spiced to give it a unique taste. Serve it any way you would a smoked sausage, and with its great taste, it will compliment any meal. Two truly unique sausages! We've combined the great flavors of shrimp or crawfish with pork, blended with a robust seasoning, then hickory smoked to produce these delicious sausages. Both are fully cooked and can be prepared and served any way you would a smoked sausage. Fresh, skinless thigh meat blended with an array of spices and seasonings, available in both creole and hot.

Tukey, Duck & Chicken (Turducken)


No carbs, low in fat, high in protein

Cajun Country

No carbs, low in fat, high in protein
Yes indeed! We squeezed three birds into a link of sausage! Skinless turkey breast, duck breast and chicken thigh meat all naturally hickory smoked along with our special blend of spices and seasonings. Louisiana's finest and most popular sausage in Cajun and Creole cooking. Our Andouille is made the authentic way, in which lean cured ham is chopped, highly seasoned, then hard smoked in a natural, hickory wood burning smokehouse. Andouille is used in gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and many other authentic dishes. Wonderfully Cajun! The choicest cuts of pork, naturally smoked, and blended with true Cajun seasoning make this sausage uniquely wonderful. Whenever smoked sausge is called for, our Cajun Country Smoked Sausage will enhance the flavor of your favorite dish be it Cajun, Creole or any other favorite recipe!
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